Whether your software requires a lot of computing resources or you have many platforms, a Dedicated Forex Server keeps things running smoothly and efficiently.

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Huge RAM, changeable specs and different operation systems

If you desire a large server with incredible computing power, Soft-FX team is able to provide you with dedicated server that caters up to 512 GB RAM. Our customers choose desirable operation systems themselves, as well as specifications of the server.

Soft-FX offers physically isolated hardware in Equinix, created and setuped just for you. With our help, you can build your own dedicated server from scratch, independently choosing specifications and hardware. Adding or removing capacity will not be a problem either - you can manage your dedicated server every day, and we will assist you to do that. We also offer you the option to use any of our pre-configured machnies and change their spec to your taste.

Try the immaculate trading experience with the most powerful Equinix hardware. Securely connected to your enterprise, the dedicated server will perform perfectly, keeping and managing your data. We offer as little as 0.5 MS of latency to most trading locations in New York, grating you immediate and fast access to the server on every minute of the day.

If you are an experienced trader and need a powerful server that could compute a huge amount of information, a dedicated server is the best choice.


We suggest you quick and competent solutions for the serious FX trading.




Quad core 3.4GHz



Network card

Dual 1Gb Network Cards

Operating system

Three operating system options

from $274/monthly