If privacy is of the utmost importancy, we offer our customers co-location within our private cages, ensuing in the most secure and stable virtual servers.

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Stability, efficiency and security

If it is crucial to raise the quality of trading, we offer the co-location service. Co-location features a whole new field of the trading experience, allowing you to choose hardware and operation system, making your private server truly unique and powerful. Location in New York and other cities will make your connection reliable and stable, while Soft-FX will do all the work for you, building, setuping and connecting your server to Equinix - the world's largest IBX data center & co-location provider.

Soft-FX provides a broad possibilities of co-location establishing, whether it is 1U of a rack space or a whole powered rack of servers. To run everything smoothly and to ensure the quality of our service, we monitor servers 5 days a week.

The up-to-date server hardware and a professional Soft-FX team both help to arrange the complete security of your applications and any hosted data.

FULL HARDWARE RESOURCESSoft-FX does everything possible for your needs. We allocate all of our hardware resources to our customers, providing both large computing power and the full control of situation.
TIER-1 BANDWIDTHWe focus on financial applications and establish our servers corresponding to them. Developed and stable networks in Chicago, London and New York are featuring ultra low-latency uplinks to our bandwidth providers.
LIGHTNING SPEEDSIn trading, even few redundant milliseconds can ruin everything. With our immense bandwidth servers you can fully focus on the trading, not worrying about wasted time.